Updating firmware on sony blue ray player

Just like those idiotic region codes of DVD’s and Blu Ray’s.

Non compliant devices, an old (HDMI) TV for example, will simply display a message that the content cannot be displayed written with illegal copying, ripping or to promote piracy.

This can be you old TV or projector, or trying to record game playing (PS3), making screenshots, or … One of the methods used, yet sometimes complicated and expensive, is by converting the signal for example to VGA, Component or Composite video.

Another observation, by others, only with some other splitters, has been that only one of the two connect HDMI devices has to be HDCP compliant so that one of the connected devices already authenticates and “opens” by accident the digital video stream for the other output.

Manufacturers change hardware all the time, so this “feature” might not work with newer models or revisions!

The video sources asks for the secret code from the destination device, before it sends content, so the receiving party is authorized and can decrypt.

Even though the master key for decryption has been compromised since 2010 some smart folks assembled a device for demonstration purposes, HDCP is still in full use.

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