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You can also tweak it to display a Mount/Unmount dialog if you wish. Trimming an SSD is a way of optimizing the read/write/modify process for the device.

set disk Name to "Your Disk Name Here" tell application "Finder" if disk disk Name exists then eject disk disk Name else tell current application set device Line to (do shell script "diskutil list | grep \"" & disk Name & "\" | awk '' }'") if device Line = "" then display dialog "The disk \"" & disk Name & "\" cannot be found." buttons default button 1 with title "Error" with icon caution end if set found Disks to paragraphs of device Line repeat with i from 1 to number of items in found Disks set this_item to item i of found Disks if this_item contains "disk" then do shell script "diskutil mount Disk /dev/" & this_item end if end repeat end tell end if end tell It looks like a simple Disk Repair will trim an SSD. It's a bit analogous to defragmenting a hard drive.] I had a problem with my Mac Book Pro repeatedly unmounting and remounting SD cards. Rebooting once into Safe Mode (shut down, power up and press and hold Shift after the chime) fixed it.

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" exit 1 fi echo "Performing filesystem check on $DISK" diskutil unmount Disk $DISK sudo fsck_hfs -f -c 2200m $DISK diskutil mount Disk $DISK With the arrival of Lion, you might be stuck with a recovery USB drive that came with your Snow Leopard pre-installed Macbook Air.There are many step-by-step guides on the internet that explain how to add an SSD to an existing Mac, and create a 'Fusion Drive' that has the speed of an SSD, but also the capacity of a Hard Drive.All these guides fall short in one way that was important to me.I got a new SSD and so I booted from a tertiary drive to clone my old SSD onto my new SSD. Just in case anyone out there runs into the same problem, they can find the solution here.After the clone I ran Repair Disk and noticed at the end of the repair it "trimmed" my SSD. I couldn't find anything on the Internet that referred to this issue.

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