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Images of Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, and Haile Selassie adorn the walls of restaurants and barber shops.

Red, gold, and green colors and the Jamaican flag are seen on shirts, bracelets, bandanas, and necklaces.

Some new residents do meet and date people that are originally from the islands.

Many of the older "continentals" are married with children, having moved with their spouses or having met their spouse on the island and married.

Planning to move to the Virgin Islands can be a challenging decision. People from other islands as a whole are often referred to as "down-island people". That's 40 years of helping people move to the islands.

You may have been offered a job, vacationed in the islands and loved it or perhaps just decided you need a change of scenery and the islands should be your home for a few months or years. When referencing a "down island person" individually the term used is often related to the island they are from i.e. Families: Yes there are many families with children in the Virgin Islands.

This does not leave a lot of room for a long term relationship. Virgin Islanders like to dress to a T when attending shows at the local Center of Performing Arts, church or school shows.

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American citizens can freely travel and work in the U. The same federal immigration regulations that exist in the US mainland are in use in the Virgin Islands. Get them beach toys like floats, beach balls and Frisbees. Optometrist, Ophthalmologist and Opticians are available on St. People generally live and work peacefully together. And that pretty much goes for all things; from being checked out at the grocery store, to post office lines, traffic and registering your car.

For more information visit: Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. There are baseball teams and other sports teams, often organized by schools. School plays and other theatre camps are available. Church groups for children are common at most religious congregations. Croix have a bowling alley, there are a few shopping malls/areas but not like the traditional US malls. Read more on Availability of Goods Yes you can bring pets with you to the islands. Inter-racial and inter-cultural couples and families are somewhat common. The greater majority of the Virgin Islands population is made up of Virgin Islanders and people from other Caribbean islands, consequently new residents might feel like outsiders or like the locals are standoffish. Traveling back home can be quite expensive from the U.

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