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Nigar (one of the main Harem leaders) explains to Alexandra that if she behaves herself and does as she is told, she will be summoned by the Sultan, and if she gives him a son, she will rule the world as a Sultana.After capturing the Sultan's attention, she spends a night with him and eventually falls in love with him.İbrahim becomes seriously ill and Nigar, Matrakçı and Sümbül get him to one of the hot springs in order to heal him.Nigar is later married to Matrakçı Nasuh under the Valide Sultan's order.He rides to Constantinople alongside his best friend, Pargalı İbrahim, to take the throne.

Victoria who has been renamed to Sadika following entering the harem, becomes a favourite of everyone, and a trusted servant.After converting to Islam, Süleyman changes her name to Hürrem ("who brings joy to one's face").Subsequently, she gives birth to her first son, Şehzade Mehmed, and rises to the top of the court.At the same time, Mahidevran, a senior hatun (lady) and mother of the Sultan's eldest son, Mustafa, gets worried when she notices Süleyman is not spending time with her anymore.A year later, Hürrem gives birth to her first and only daughter, Mihrimah Sultan.

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