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DUTIES TO ALL PARTIES Wisconsin Statute section 452.133(1) states that in providing brokerage services to a party to a transaction (including both clients and customers), a broker shall do all of the following: Disclose to each party all material adverse facts that the broker knows and that the party does now know or cannot discover through reasonably vigilant observation, unless the disclosure of a material adverse fact is prohibited by law. 452.23 (information contradiction third party inspection or investigation reports) or is otherwise required by law to be disclosed or the party whose interests may be adversely affected by the disclosure specifically authorizes the disclosure of particular confidential information (see lines 47 to 51).

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Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site.

Broker is also required by law to request you to acknowledge receipt of a copy of this form by initialing below.

Code RL 24.07(8)) requires real estate brokers to deliver a copy of written agency disclosure form to you prior to providing you brokerage services.

The following may be disclosed by the Broker: NON-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: By initializing and dating below I/we acknowledge receipt of a copy of this disclosure and that___________(Firm Name) and __________________ (Sales Associate) are working as __ owner’s agent __ buyer’s/tenant’s agent Initializing this form to acknowledge receipt creates no contractual or other legal obligations of any kind.

452.01 (5g) “Material adverse fact” means an adverse fact that a party indicates is such of significance, or that is generally recognized by a competent licensee as being of such significance to a reasonable party, that it affects or would affect the party’s decision to enter into a contract or agreement concerning a transaction or affects or would affect the party’s decision about the terms of such a contract or agreement.

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