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I was totally suspicious of this claim, but I honestly found it to be true.

Sure, these are just pictures of birds, but the game really sucks you in and you learn to look past their feathery visage.

Earlier today a ridiculous picture crossed my Tumblr dash of a dating sim where you try to romance pigeons.

I thought this was pretty hilarious and other people seemed to enjoy it so I hunted it down and downloaded it (It's probably going to be the best you'll spend in a while) and got to playing, about 7 hours later I finally had to call it quits, not because I wanted to, but because I would have just kept playing it all night! When you search around for places talking about it you get a lot of places featuring it because it's so weird (and don't get me wrong, it is totally weird) and it's usually followed by "WTF Japan?

Despite the fondness that I was feeling for the character, and how interesting these mysterious school events were, I found the my first bird-romance to be a rather short quest, and bittersweet.

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Kenzaburou, the gentlemanly parakeet who runs a cafe you can potentially decide to work at, is not only a totally charming character, but the particular bird that's used as his picture is just totally adorable.In the 7 hour pigeon romance whirlwind I experienced, I managed to clear 4 of the 8 romance routes: 2 were touchingly sad, 1 was pudding filled, and in the final one .The first time through this game, after flirting around with different birds, I decided to attempt to romance my Math teacher, primarily because I just couldn't decide and he was the first bird to offer to walk me home.During the first play through, despite the fact that the individual play throughs are rather straight forward and give you little chance to get to know the other pigeons in your school, I noticed a lot of things happening that seemed to indicate a larger storyline, and quite possibly something sinister going on at St. I had fully planned to maybe spend an hour or so going through a single romance and calling it quits, but I was honestly really intrigued by what was going on at the school!I had read a few reviews before playing that insisted that you really enjoy the characters, despite the fact that they're depicted as photos of various birds.

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