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Roots Research Ltd., The Name and Family of Latham, 1982. January 09, 1094/95, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England; m. German and French versions render it as de Hoese and de Hosey. Virginia, and died July 26, 1829 in Ravensworth Plantation, Fairfax Co. HELGA DE CHESTER, November 22, 1092, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England; b. December 13, 1094, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. SIWARD FITZ DUNNING DE LATHAM was born July 04, 1073 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England, and died January 09, 1094/95 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. In early medieval England the name Hussey was usually spelled Hose. During the thirteenth century it tended to evolve into Hoese, later to Huse and Husee and ultimately to Hussey. HENRY (LIGHT HORSE HARRY) LEE was born 1756 in Stratford, Virginia, and died March 25, 1818 in Cumberland Island, Georgia. Because he comitted suicide he wasn't allowed to be buried in the graveyard at the Chapelry Of Lathom. Hugh de Latham was born on Dec 14 1272 in Avonlea, England. He was buried on May 25 1294 in the Holy Martyrs Chapel, Igmar, Turkey. He fought and was killed in one of the last crusades. Phillip de Latham Robert de Latham, died 1325; married Katherine de Knowselegh, daughter of Sir Thomas de Knowselegh. Robert de Latham, Knight fought against the Scots in 1291, and in 1309, and was Commissioner of Array in the expedition against Robert the Bruce in 1307. He was Chief Custos of the Peace, 1323, Knight of the Shire 1324, one of the three chief arrayers of Lancaster before Queen Isabella's return in 1326. As families continued to grow and disperse, second names were sometimes modified by adding terminations. THEODORIC LEE was born September 03, 1766 in Leesylvania, Prince William Co. Instead he was buried in unblessed ground outside this cemetery. In 1310 he was appointed a Justice of Oyer and Terminer, and in 1324, he was one of the Knights summoned to meet the Peers in the great council held at Westmoreland. He took an active part against the Scots, 1325, and received in 1347 charter of free warren in Latham, Knowselegh, Childwall, Roby and Anlasargh. For example, "Jackson" could be recognized as the son of Jack. Virginia, and died April 10, 1849 in Eckington, Virgina. Children of THEODORIC LEE and CATHERINE HITE are: i. He was married to Helga De Chester on Nov 22 1092 in The Chapelry of Latham, Essex, England. June 12, 1128, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. LORD HENRY FITZ-SIWARD DE LATHAM was born April 27, 1093 in Latham, Lancashire, England, and died June 12, 1128 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. Notes for LORD HENRY FITZ-SIWARD DE LATHAM: Henry de Latham, Lord of Latham was born on Apr 27 1093 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. He had charter of free warren in the manors of Lathom and Roby in 1303. He bore arms as given in the roll of arms, 1337: "Or, on a chief indented azure three besants." The will of Thomas de Lathum, dated 1369, translated reads: In the name of God amen, on the holy day of the exaltation of our king, in the year of our Lord 1369, I, Thomas de Lathum, sound of mind and body, make my will after this manner. In Ireland, modifications were usually added to the beginning of the second name, so that "Mac" meant "the son of", and "O'" denotes "grandfather of".

He died on Jan 9 1095 in Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England. Siward was very young when he was confirmed Earl of Lathom. He was mainly confirmed Lord of Lathom, because of the ceaseless efforts of Lord Henry De Chester, Jr. It is noted that the Husseys traditionally were boot butlers to the kings of England, and it is also noted that the Husseys were wine stewards to the royal families.

Whenever it was necessary for a name to be written down by someone who could read and write, it was sounded out by different people differently and over the years as literacy improved, the wrong spellings had become the traditional way the various families chose to spell it.

The spelling Latham is the one that is the most common usage and is surely the original spelling. MARY ANN RUTHERFORD CUSTIS, June 30, 1831, Arlington, Virginia; b.

The average sized Latham family has been between 7 to 10 children. ***************************************************************** Note: Sir Henry Hussey is reportedly to be the father of Alice Hussey who married our Sir John Dalton 1st, born before 1300 in Lancashire Co. Adella Whitney Olney, a genealogist of Niland, California, suggests that the name may be derived from Heusse in the department of La Manche, France.

Early families have been founded both by landed gentry and by the lower landless classes referred to as yeoman. Child of DUNNING DE LATHAM and MARIGARD ESSEX is: i. July 04, 1073, Chapelry of Lathom, Lancaster, England; d. She married SIR ROBERT DALTON, son of SIR RICHARD DALTON II and MISS LAWRENCE. 1279 in Byspham, Lancashire Co, England, and died Abt. In an old account of the Hussey family the name is said to have been Touasi de Hosa. She was born October 1773 in Shirley Plantation, James River Co.

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