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As Justine lay there on the shower floor catching her breath, I managed to find one of Jenna's socks to clean up the mess I had made and I bolted out the door, not even contemplating whether or not Justine had seen me. ""Sorry, I had to take a leak." I lied, while she rolled her eyes. Sure, he's right here."Hearing this, I felt my blood run cold."Who is it? "I could totally hear you jerking off at the door.""Right," I nodded calmly, still pretending to be in an entirely different conversation with her."I can't believe you." Justine scoffed. ""Of course," I nodded again, trying in vain to make Jenna assume everything was OK. "I almost moaned and gave myself away, but somehow simply responded with, "Um, sure. I was now sweating bullets as a part of me still wondered if this was all just a trick. And I have the whole house to myself."I could barely speak and my hands were now trembling as I heard her squeeze a fresh tube of moisturizer all over her hands before rubbing it into her skin."God damn it Justine," I gasped, as I helplessly sat there in the parking lot fantasizing about her. "Without thinking I immediately blurted out the first thing that popped into my head, and told her what I wanted."I'd just walk over to you on that bed and stuff my huge cock in your mouth, Justine." I insisted. With that, Justine moaned yet again before I heard some rustling and she really seemed to get into it."What are you doing over there? " I quipped."Oh screw Jenna," she snapped back between moans. Hell, maybe she might even learn something."As expected, the mere notion of "taking" Justine while being watched by her sister Jenna turned me on to no end and actually caused my cock to twitch inside my pants. "Caught up in the moment I simply replied, "I swear Justine, I could eat your pussy so fucking hard too.""Yeah?

Downstairs I was met by Jenna at the side gate who was still chatting on the phone but was coming inside to check up on me."Where are you? With that said she finally hung up the phone and we were soon on our way to Mc Donald's. " I asked nervously."It's my sister," Jenna said, passing the phone to me as she busied herself with her wallet and preparing the right cash. I could tell she was grinning, and was also being the sarcastic bitch I knew and loved."Um, hi? Falling silent for a moment Justine then said, "So, did you at least enjoy the show? Yes I did." I answered immediately, as Jenna's attention was finally occupied elsewhere for a moment."Maybe next time if you're lucky, I'll let you watch me for a little longer? That would be great.""You little twerp," she sneered. I wouldn't put it past her."In fact," Justine when on, "For a moment there I almost considered opening the door and pulling you right inside with me.""I wish you did," I added, causing her to giggle."Yeah, I bet you do." she smiled. if I just pulled you in and pushed you up against the counter and sucked your cock.""Jesus," I let out involuntarily, making her laugh once again."You've always had a crush on me, haven't you Rob? "My sister tells me everything."Suddenly I began to turn bright red with shame."Besides, I'm not stupid you know." she added. "You're so fucking beautiful.""Thank you," she replied sweetly, before I heard her coo as she proceeded to run her hands along her long slender legs."I bet if you were here right now you'd be jerking off again, huh? " I inquired."I'm just getting more comfortable," she explained. " I chuckled, as I tried to imagine what that must look like."Yep, I can really make myself cum this way." she admitted, "With the help of my trusty pillow.""Huh? Justine soon giggled as well."What's the matter, gone all quiet again?

Caught up in the moment, I now jerked my cock like it owed me money and watched as she made love to that portable facet, watching her groan and whimper as she twiddled herself into a frenzy and thoroughly doused her bare coin slot with fresh hot water. "That was all she wrote, as I could no longer hold back and I abruptly came in wild spurts all over the bathroom door just as the net-babe yelped out in a wild roar that seemed to shake the bathroom walls. ""I told her I wanted to ask you about making me a CD.""Uh-huh.""But I also wanted to tell you..." she stated calmly, "Next time you spy on someone you might want to be less obvious? " she inquired, as I replied honestly and explained to her how I had seen every single one of her video posts."Why don't you jerk that cock now? " I laughed nervously, "I'm sitting in the car park of a fast food restaurant.""I don't care," she replied. I so would." I replied a little too enthusiastically, making her giggle."Tell me what you want, Rob? " she cooed, her back arching and her legs spread as she fingered herself. " I snickered, suddenly filled with lust and confidence."Hell yeah." she exclaimed. No one can suck cock as good as I can, Rob.""I don't doubt it," I remarked. "I'm so fucking horny right now.""I need you here, Rob." she urged. "Suddenly Justine put the phone down beside her on the bed and began to squeal out loud as she climaxed.

The leggy harlot soon moaned more audibly and then aggressively tapped at her engorged clit and growled to herself through gritted teeth."Ugh. Her hips moved and rolled in wild figure eights as her orgasm washed through her, and she ultimately collapsed to the floor as she came all over her long fingers. "I laughed nervously, if only to reassure Jenna that everything was on the up and up."Um, OK? "I can do that.""You little weasel," Justine added. "I liked having you jack off and watch me."I was absolutely bowled over by her blunt admission, and could hardly speak much less think straight as her demeanor suddenly changed from one of anger to submission and excitement. "Tell me what you would do if you were here right now? "That's one thing I really love about you Justine, you're lips.""You like my lips, huh? "Wait till you feel them sliding up and down your thick cock, Rob.""Jesus," I groaned again."I'd make you pop in my mouth, and then I'd swallow your load." she purred. "I want your face between my legs, licking me, sucking me, eating my pussy."I had to laugh if only through sheer nervous anxiousness."Although somehow I don't think Jenna would approve, do you? You'd love to fuck me while my sister watches us, huh?

We were as close as any two male/female friends could be.

There she twisted and teased her hard nips between her thumb and forefinger, as her legs trembled from the water play. "I wish you could stand here between my legs and stroke that beautiful cock of yours.""I would. I just want to fuck you so bad." was the only thing I could think of saying."Yeah? " she proposed, as she continued to play with herself and fantasized about me standing there in front of her."God yes,""I could really do with a nice hard cock right about now." she sighed. and have you nut in my mouth.""Oh fuck yes," I gasped at her remark, as my cock now strained for release."Do you know what I'm doing now? "I'm sliding two fingers in and out, nice and slow."I literally sat there in stunned silence not sure what to do or say."Don't go quiet on me now, Rob." she urged between moans. Keep talking to me.""I honestly don't know what to say right now," I chuckled nervously, as ijustine keenly pleasured herself over the phone to me."Tell me all the nasty things you would do to me? Make me deep throat you.""You think you could handle that?Taking a deep breath, I quietly crouched down and carefully peered inside to see that the bathroom was filled with steam and the mirrors were fogged over somewhat, but even so despite all the mist, my eyes adjusted and I finally spotted her there, every inch of her splendid, naked, body was there for display."Holy shit," I let out as Justine's naked form was revealed to me.The leggy blonde was toned and fit, and her breasts were like two pert young grapefruits as she swivelled around and squeezed a bottle of lotion all over her flawless round butt.Still clad in just her workout sweats and a belly shirt, my eyes almost bugged out of my head as I admired her flat tummy and sweat-stained lycra leggings."Hey," Jenna replied apathetically as she looked around her room for her ipod."We were just about to grab a bite to eat, want anything?

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