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Allerdings ist die Umsetzung einer komplexen Disaster-Recovery-Lösung im Zuge eines solchen Plans ein langwieriger Prozess.

Nach aufwendigen Implementierungen von Disaster-Recovery-Lösungen werden diese oft weder getestet noch erprobt.

Wyper introduces its innovative mobile first approach that puts the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the consumer!

Wyper outshines the competition with a predictive search platform that allows the consumer to simply swipe or as we like to say “wype” through their results.

This month’s question for the panel is on Amazon’s terms and conditions“I am interested in gaining a better understanding of experiences/considerations with AWS's current SLA terms and conditions.

I know Dave Cartwright has previously spoken about cloud vendor SLAs, but I don't recall seeing (nor could find) specific discussion on AWS SLAs.

Interoute unterstützt Organisationen bei der Implementierung effektiver Business-Continuity-Pläne durch die Bereitstellung verschiedener Disaster-Recovery-Funktionen wie Daten-Replikation, Off-Site-Backups, Telearbeit, Multi-Site-Traffic Redundanz und Application Layer-Beratung.

Interoute kann Ihnen dabei helfen, die Kosten für Ihre Business-Continuity-Investitionen zu reduzieren und die Ausfallsicherheit zu verbessern.

AWS always professes on the fact that we should design for failure of any single component.Compensation level: Service credit is capped at 10 per cent of the EC2 monthly bill and 25 per cent of the S3 and Cloud Front bills (if uptime falls below 99 per cent – it caps at 10 per cent otherwise), compared with up to 100 per cent credit with the competition.Die Abhängigkeit des Geschäftsbetriebs von der IT wird meistens erst dann deutlich, wenn etwas passiert ist.As for technical support on any issues, having Enterprise Support contract has allowed us to get technical support and assistance from AWS that is at par with any third party provider of infrastructure services.AWS has expanded its SLA portfolio from a zero to six: two generic (for customers and API users) and four product specific (for S3, EC2, Cloud Front, and Route53).

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