How to get a toyboy for sex in kenya

In the throes of passion, a young man will believe everything a woman tells him.The toy boy takes sides, soaking in all the bile the wife spits out about the husband and naively believes he is the good guy in the picture.The wild conspiracy theories doing their rounds following the death of his estranged wife’s lover are unfortunate.The Jubilee government probably breathed a sigh of relief when Tuju’s sordid affair hit the headlines.Since the young man lacks the economic leverage to date within his age group, he decides never to look the old gift horse in the mouth until, he knows better.In the now relevant words of the former US ambassador Johnny Carson, choices have consequences.

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By this time, the woman believes she can manage the consequences given that her affair has gone on undetected.

The first time she sleeps with her young lover, she acquires a sense of power because she gets away with it.

This drives her right back for a second sampling, where she savours the illicit passions and decides that she has every right to be loved.

The chance to bite the forbidden fruit unnoticed is a huge ego trip.

However, the toy boy is just an outlet that the married woman uses to punish the man in her life. Her pursuit for revenge is seen in righteous light.

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