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Members, in case you were wondering, are Paul, Lucas Dobre, Marcus Dobre, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell, Tessa Brooks, Tristan Tales, Stan Gerards, Ivan Martinez, Emilio Martinez, Chance Sutton, Anthony Trujillo, and Erika Costell.

(Paul and Costell, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram, are, by the way a couple known as #Jerika.) “Jake Paulers,” in case it isn’t clear, is what Paul calls his fans, whom he described in one report as “the strongest army out there.” According to at least one teenage source, though—who may or may not be this reporter’s cousin—Paul is not, in fact, funny: “He just does ridiculous stuff.” The source adds that he is a “very trash person.”During that same interview, the actor also climbed on the news station’s van and responded to his neighbors’ complaints by saying, “I honestly.

He even jumped onto the back of a KTLA news van when the interview was over.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must accept that they are getting old, and that their finger has slid just a few inches left of the proverbial “pulse.” For you, that moment may be learning that Jake Paul, star of a Disney Channel series called has parted ways with the network—perhaps because Paul is just too obnoxious, both on social media and in the Los Angeles neighborhood where he, his roommates, and his fans reportedly make life hell for their neighbors. He’s 20-year-old Vine star who has also, unsurprisingly, amassed a huge presence on You Tube. Dab.” (Yes, he dabbed as he said that.) Then, he shouted “What are thooooose?!

Winner of the 2016 Best Non-Fiction Star Wars Fan Film Award.

We are continually amazed by the creativity of Star Wars fans, and this year’s entries truly dazzled and delighted us. Rey can finally confront Luke with all of her questions.

Please see the full list of winners below and be sure to watch their impressive — or, most impressive — films, ranging from action to comedy to animation. The old Jedi Master, however, isn't exactly thrilled about laboriously explaining complicated matters like the Force.

to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool—into the same house as Pixar, Star Wars, and most of the non-X-Men parts of the Marvel universe.

It’s also a deal that will reshape the entertainment landscape—and streaming, in particular.

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