Cambodia sex tourists

Eventually, Temple Street comes to an end, and you’ll find yourself at a multi-level parking garage, but don’t worry – the market still has a few surprises up it’s seedy little sleeves.Listen for the unmistakable crooning of Cantonese opera, echoing off the concrete and emanating from the opera tents down the road.

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Stalls at the entry to the market sell cheap clothing, souvenirs, knock off electronics, bootlegged DVDs, and just about anything you can imagine.

Just around the corner, you’ll find mystics and fortune tellers, with tables set up along the Tin Hau Temple.

Having your fortune read by an ancient Canontonese mystic while incense burns on the streets of Hong Kong is certainly an interesting experience.

Fumes from diesel ships transporting people and goods across the harbor waft through the streets, mingle with car exhaust.

All the while, iconic and eco-friendly Junks bob up and down in harbor, abandoned in favor of faster ships,their batwing sails, sagging in disrepair.

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