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“General deterrence is a very significant factor in this sentence.” In addition to his prison term — which could be cut to 18 months with time off for good behavior — Weiner was ordered to spend three years on supervised release afterward, pay a ,000 fine and register as a sex offender. 6 to report to prison and ordered that he forfeit an i Phone he used to communicate with the girl, who sent a letter to the judge that she ordered sealed, along with other letters from the girl’s father and grandmother.

Weiner’s sexting with the teen didn’t only finally destroy his marriage and get him locked up, but it also helped rock the closing days of last year’s presidential election, when feds searching his laptop found emails between Abedin and longtime boss Hillary Clinton.

Your Honor, I have a disease, but I have no excuse.” Weiner said he was “profoundly sorry to the victim” and obliquely referenced the previous sexting scandals that forced him from Congress in 2011 and torpedoed his 2013 comeback bid for New York City mayor.

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Manhattan federal Judge Denise Cote rejected defense pleas to spare Weiner any time behind bars and instead ordered him to spend 21 months in a federal penitentiary, saying she needed to make an example of the high-profile pervert.

The discovery led then-FBI Director James Comey to re-open a probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, only to announce two days before Election Day that nothing new had been found.

Clinton has called Comey’s actions “the determining factor” in her unexpected defeat by President Trump.

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